Friday, June 12, 2009

21st Day of Practical

nothing much....
had practiced for the recital
quartet...with the help of Kak Zam
and also there's practice for another group performance for the recital
played Yesterday by The Beatles...with the help of En.Mus
I dunno...I'm not really that happy right now...
with my result...

Theory : A+
Malaysian Music Ensemble (Caklempong) : A+
Gamelan I (Kor) : A+
Modern Harmony II : A+
Arranging Technique I : C+
Songwriting : A
Music Computer : C+
Conference Performance : Pass
Principal Study IV : A
Western Classical Ensemble : A+
Orchestra II : A

I'm fine with Music Computer...coz I thought I will fail, but thank God I passed...the only thing that make me unhappy with my result is Arranging...I work my ass off for that subject. I start the project quite early, sleep late...done all the projects, follow the instruction from the question, my attendance is fine...I know I'm fresh at this whole arranging stuff...but I know I deserve more than a friends who lazed around...skipped the project on a very last moment...and didn't put as much efforts in their projects as I did...can get A? Talk about an unfair I really that stupid? Coz I don't think luck has anything to do with all this...I believe with all my heart that I deserve more than a C+.....


mae azman said...

darn.... heard that a lot of the others payed someone else to do their arranging projects. Sucks ryte? But hey, look at it in a positive way. Those noobs dont think about their future, getting good grades were more important. But where does it get them in the end? Whilst u can improve ur skills and be better.

p/s: getting scared with arranging class. wohoooo

Wani said...

yeah, dun worry, you'll do alright, maybe better than me. it's Music Computer that you have to make sure you do well...make sure you choose the right people for your group project...coz your marks depends on it. :)