Tuesday, June 16, 2009

23rd Day of Practical

Today is kinda a very long day. Arrived quite early...around 0730...slept in M3 room until 0820...hihihihi....then had practice for Paley's recital at 0930 until 1130. Then I practiced by myself....later at 1600, had quartet practice...with the help from Mayya. Saw Dania today coz she had lesson with Mayya. Later at night, I watched the musical theather Mana Setangginya, it was fine, the effect was kinda cool, but it's too rush to the conclusion, well it's a theather, if you make it too long...audience will fall asleep, so, kinda acceptable...I watched it with both of my parents and hunnybunny. Had some pictures...but haven't transfer to my laptop coz I'm kinda tired and lazy to do it now. It's late already, and need to get up early tomorrow. Might have lesson with Mayya tomorrow morning. Well...that's it for now...need to stop now. Tired already. Bye~ Goodnight people~

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