Friday, June 19, 2009

26th Day of Practical

Sorry for the late updates, I tried to upload videos of the recital, but there was an error on YouTube
I tried twice...
Maybe I should upload it later
Anyway, today there was a rehearsal for Yesterday
But this time, even the NSO players are joining us
Can you imagine...Wan-Oboe is the conductor of an orchestra which half of them are NSO players
Paley is the arranger of the song and it was played by an orchestra which half of them are NSO players
and I am the concert master of an orchestra which half of them are NSO players...
and include Bijan which is the principal of the 2nd violin which half of the 2nd violin is NSO players
and Thairy, principal of the cello section with half of his section from NSO players
They will even join for the quartet...huhuhu
But I might not need all...I dunno...
Anyway, today, we met the practical students from the Art&Design...
Seriously...I don't like it
but they said they have more
They don't really design it...
they just recycle some of the dancers' costume
They don't really have the materials to design a new one
As for the recitals, the performers are Ayit, Bijan, Hafidz, Faizal, Paley, Rasyid and Jiann Yuan...yup, he performed one more time
I will try to upload the videos soon. =P

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