Monday, June 22, 2009

27th Day of Practical

Hello people. Today is the 27th day of practical at Istana Budaya. Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly a month I'm doing my practical. Anyway, this Wednesday (June 24) is the "big" recital that organized by the practical students of Istana Budaya, not just from the music department, but also other departments as well. I am one of the performers, and in case you did not know, performers supposed to wear costumes according to the period of their song. I'm playing Kabalevsky's Violin Concerto in C major, 1st movement. Which mean, kinda like a bit later than 20th century, but we just considered that piece to be 20th century. It was composed in 1948, I think we just made it easier by putting it in 20th century section. Kak Aqilah and I are the performers for the 20th century, she will play a piece by Bella Bartok (very much into the period) and I'm playing Kabalevsky. We got to choose our costumes from the Art & Design department, I guess I'm a bit luckier because my costumes does not looks like a 20th century woman. I chose it. You know, woman during that period all wear knee-length or ankle-length skirts or dresses. Well, I don't really like the dresses that they have, so I got to wear a pants. I know, kinda unfair is it not? But I have a huge confidence issue when it come to solo performance, and I don't need a silly looking dress to make it worse. I will wear something like these two pictures, but my top will be in white and I will wear black pants and that ankle-boots. But my boot got ribbons at the back, black of course.

Other activities for today, basically just practice. Early in the morning around 0930, practiced Yesterday. Got lots of changes in the harmonization of the arrangement. Mr. Raymond changed some of them to help it sounds nicer, and it did. Later, practiced the quartet, but it is no longer a quartet group since it is joined by the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) strings players. I have to lead all of them, it was scary and kinda too big for me. I mean, I never really lead a group of ensemble before, in fact, I am not born with that "natural leader" instinct. I need time to develop this skills, and by that, I mean by leading a small group first. Not straight away lead an ensemble of professional musicians! But it was a good experience, I learned something from it. I just need time to make it work. Later in the evening, I practiced my concerto with Kak Aqilah. I can play it by memory, but I'm not sure if I want to perform it with or without my score in front of me. We'll see.


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