Tuesday, June 23, 2009

28th Day of Practical

Today is one exhausting day. I reached Istana Budaya at 0740, then I fell asleep until 0820. Later, I warmed up until 0945. I went downstairs because the rehearsal for Anuar Zain's concert on the 1st and 2nd of July starts today. It went on from 1000 until 1130. After that, I practiced the duet song for Bijan's recital until 1300, then I went for lunch. At 1400, the Anuar Zain's rehearsal continued until 1530. I went back to u1, practiced violin until 1600, then continued practiced with Bijan for the duet until 1630. Later, I practiced the Kabalevsky's Concerto, trying to play it by memory. Later from 1700 until 1800, En.Mus wanted to hear me and Bijan play the duet song. At 1830, I went downstairs and there were some breifing about tonight's recital run through. At 1850, break for dinner and prayer until 2000. At 2030, run through started until 2200. HunnyBunny came today. =) Thanks Hunny. And now, it's 2300...and I will stop typing, will take shower now and then sleep. =) Goodnight everybody. Wish me luck for tomorrow.


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