Wednesday, June 24, 2009

29th Day of Practical

Today is a BIG day for all practical students of Istana Budaya because today is our "grand" recital day. A recital performance which only the practical students of Istana Budaya organized, with no interference from the staff of Istana Budaya. We arranged the running order of the programs, we arranged for the program book, we arranged for all the photos in the program book, we arranged for the promotion and posters, we even arranged for all the silly costumes...well, mine is not really that silly. The recital was fine, happy endings. I don't have much pictures, it's all with Fakhrul, the cameraman (yes, I finally learned their names, lol). So, I just show you a few pictures that I have.

The Making of the Baroque Costume.
Poor Azizi. hahaha

Thairy in his Baroque Costume for his Bach's Cello Suite.

Hafidz...Romantic period...playing Schubert

This is the picture after the recital is over

The Family of Practical Students of Istana Budaya!!
This picture is like a class graduation photo or something. hahaha

The End~~
(sorry, I'm lazy to type. haha)



Raveneye said...

wow!! nice!! having had to wear all those clothes are wonderful. don't you all feel like being a baroque-ians? hahaha... congrats

Wani said...

it was fun and memorable indeed. never thought dpt work together dgn practical students from different departments