Thursday, June 25, 2009

30th Day of Practical

Today, I literally spend the whole day by myself. I'm serious, I don't go out and talk to people. I only talk when somebody came inside the room and asked me something. However, I did have quite a long chat with Aiman through phone call. Finally, since the first day of practical I failed to reach her and now I finally managed to actually call her and get her to answer it. hahaha...but other than that, I spent the day by myself. I don't know why...I don't really have a reason on doing so, it just happened. Yeah, I laughed a lot during practical, but when I think about it again...I don't really have a buddy., I'm serious. Kak Aqilah and Abg Khairul finished their practical long time already. Erin and Faz always together, and they share so many things together until I don't know whan they're talking about, and sometimes, they used their signal language so I don't know what they're talking know, like a secret stuff, so I got uncomfortable. Thairy, Ayit and Wan always together, besides, they're smoking, I hate it. Hafidz with Azizi, Bijan with Sabri. Paley with Rasyid, Faizal and Lan...Paan with Daus, while Nuar...well, he always with the other practical students from different departments. Which leave me, myself and I. You have no idea how many times I went to the cafe all by myself and when I don't want to eat alone, I stand there in the cafe like an idiot to wait for some of them to come in and put away my pride to join them. But it was still fun overall, to laugh and all. But to make a new "real" friend...not likely. Nah, don't feel sorry or anything, I'm used to it, I've been dealing with this for as far as I can remember. lolx. Wanna proof? I haven't met a single friend from school after I finished my SPM...wanna know why? coz nobody remember me.'s nothing. I sometimes envy some people that I know, telling me that they want to go out with their schoolmates or classmates...even when they said they're not close...but at least they are still being remembered. If your school buddies still remember to ask you out after you finished high school, they are indeed your friends, appreciate it...people are born in different ways, sometimes they don't act the way friends should but if they remember you good enough to ask you out...then doesn't that mean something? I don't hate the fact that I don't really have a "true" friends, but I cannot accept people saying that they don't have friends even though they are still people who still remember to ask them out...that just proof you don't appreciate friendship.

Wow...where did all of this came from? ROFL!! I guess spending the whole day by myself is not a very good thing, huh?'s not like I want just happened, I didn't even realized it until I reached home. LOL I told you I'm used to it! hahaha~~



Anonymous said...

Your not alone. I read ur blog almost everyday, im not a freak or stalker, but i like they way u express your thoughts and i enjoy reading your blog as much as i enjoy watching ur performances through videos u posted in here. U r gifted. I hope u can keep up the good work.

Life can be tough sometimes, but it makes u stronger. I also believe that being on our own can make u independent. U dont depend on others which is good. But i do know how u feel, but its okay. U r a big girl and u can handle this.

I speak based on my experiences. I am always alone, of course i need my friends sometimes to listen, go shopping, do crazy stuff, etc but i somehow managed to be own my own. It just u need to see this in a positive way. Its okay be to alone. Well i hope im not confusing u. Lolz. But anyway, i wish u luck and all the happiness u deserve in this beautiful life.

Wani said...

hi. thanks for having the pleasure of reading my blog. I know what you mean, but there are times when you kinda sick of it right? haha, but I'm fine now. Thanks coz reading. I appreciate it very much. =)