Monday, June 29, 2009

32nd Day of Practical

Today, only rehearsal for Anuar Zain's concert. From 10am until 5.30pm. Anuar Zain came at 2pm, he was more punctual than the back-up singers...*back-up singers pown nk act mcm Diva ker?* Anyway, there were some funny moments between me and Faz. She was like totally melted when she saw Anuar Zain, and there's this one song called Teman Terulung. There was no band for that song, just him and the orchestra, so, as you can imagine, it's difficult to sing it in the right pitch, especially for someone that used to sing with the's like singing a classical song or something. And for the intro, he sang with the harp, and the harp was sitting behind me. So, Anuar Zain came to the harp, which mean he was standing behind me, I made faces to Faz to make her While I was still smiling from that laughing, I turned around to watch him sing, and he saw me smiled, then he smiled at me while he was singing...and looked at me also., it was like, he's singing that song to me *I know, I'm being perasan, haha* I was like, *aww, that's so sweet...Faz will kill me if she saw this...* ROFL!!! And while we were playing, I had rest for about 7 bars, I turn to the left and he was like really standing next to me and I looked at Faz and she was so pissed at me. Hahahahaha....When I leaned on my chair, he was like a few inches only away from me and Faz became more furious. LOL, I was trying to control myself since we were in the middle of rehearsal...but omg, it was so funny!! Hahahaha...tomorrow got some more. From afternoon until night. Huhuhu...tomorrow will be a long day for me.

Btw, tonight, I will watch One Utama *so long never go there already...* I am going to watch Transformer with my sis at 11pm...huhuhu...not sure if I can wake up early or not for tomorrow. Hahaha...well, gtg now. Bye~~

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