Saturday, June 06, 2009

Long Hot Day

Today got practiced at SEGi College.
I came to I.B at 1130, then followed the bus to the college...I drove of course.
Azizi came with me...note of the day; the funniest part of the day was when Azizi was bullied by Paan...Azizi was in my car and he was like screaming like hell...for almost 5 minutes, I think...
Paan was so evil...he twisted Azizi's left arm and tickle his last for almost 5 minutes, Azizi was screaming in pain coz of twisted arm and laugh coz ticklish all at the same time, it was hilarious. Hahaha...poor Azizi...later Azizi went out of the car and Paan did it one more time, this time not as long as before...but it sure made Azizi kneeled to the ground until his head is literally on the road. Lolx...
Then, reached was so damn hot...I got serious headache coz of it, later in the afternoon I can no longer play violin coz of the pain...after sunset only I came back on stage to play. It was so painful until tears came out of my eyes...huhuhuhu
But the enviroment there is very nice...if it wasn't for the will definitely make you feel like you're in UK or something...not Ulu Klang okay...United Kingdom. lolx
There's swimming pool beside the hall...I was so tempted to jump in coz of the hot weather. =/
As for the practice, it went well...I sat beside Liu Yi. Had to sight-read the bottom part during divisi...I can't play it all coz I'm already use to the top part. was all mixed up. hahahaha
Well...tomorrow is another day at SEGi and the performance at night. I hope it will be colder since we will wear all black during the concert.
I have to go now...kinda tired already. I will update you about the concert tomorrow. =)

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