Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop being disrespectful

I opened up Yahoo! News just now, something about the late Micheal Jackson. There are tremendous comments that insulted him such as he is a child molester and a person who hates being himself, which is a black person by bleaching his skin. For goodness sake, the person passed away, the least you can do is respect all of his family and fans. For your information, he did not molested a child, you focused too much on the negative side that you actually forgot the "actual" result. He was proven by the courts that he was innocent. Isn't that enough? If you find it bothering then why don't you go meet the judge or the juries and tell them yourselves. And the fact that he bleached his skin? Well...I thought so too, but we were all wrong. I read an article in which he was proven medically by the doctors themselves that he had a skin disease called vetiligo. A skin disorder which caused de-pigmentation which will cause your skin to become fairer. So, he didn't hate being black, and he didn't bleached his skin either. And why must you brought up this black/white stuff? Don't you know how to stop being racist? Are you THAT stupid to NOT know how to stop? Racist people are like the garbage of this dying earth...they should be destroyed. So please, stop being disrespectful, the man just passed away, don't you know when to stop? Are you THAT stupid to NOT know when to stop?


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Raveneye said...

Well, it's all game of people's play. MJacky confessed once rite? He said the Jews are like leechers, they gave you everything from wealth to fame and end up left you penniless. It all about the Jews' play. They just having fun of people's sufferings and they succeeded. Stupid people belived the Jews and they will forever be stupid. Dont'cha worry about those stupids, we just dont be one of them saje sudah~