Sunday, June 14, 2009

what will you be?

have you ever imagine...what will you be, if you are born in a world, in which you're not doing what you do now. Let say, if now you're a musician...what will you be if you are born in a different phase of the someone that doesn't know music? Or...if you are a dancer, what will you be if you are born in a world with not talent in dancing? Have you ever thought of it? Who do you think you will become? If you ask me this question...I will only have three things in my mind...first, a writer...second, a movie director =P and lastly, zoologist...or anything that has something to do with taking care of animals. =)
The first one, a writer...besides being a musician, I believe being a writer is one of the best way to express yourself to the world. When you's just you in your own world...nothing else. It's a sensation that can give you wings to fly. It feels good...
Then, a movie director...haha, I always love movies. I never get tired of it. And, to be able to make your own turn your imagination into something visible...and share it with the world, let the world see the beauty of your a message to the world through your movies. You could change the world with it...
And lastly...zoologist...I love animal so much. In fact...I love animals more than homo sapience...I's a bit ironic...but if you thing again...we humans, are the one destroying the nature...not them. As a matter of fact...we are the one who took away their homes, we are the one who tortured them for accessories...human did it all...not animals. We are given the task to take care of the world and all living creatures living in it...but we take advantage of a result, the mother nature is giving it back at us, with global warming, natural disasters...and yet...we do nothing about it...I'm no good at giving speeches to change people's mind, so, I believe helping those poor animals are one of the way to do something good. At least I'll do something right?
So...what will you be if you are born in a world different than who you are now?

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