Wednesday, July 01, 2009

34th Day of Practical

Today I didn't do anything much. I finally got my practical name tag. lolx. Btw, tonight was the first night of Anuar Zain's concert. It's kinda fun, coz this concert is his 1st ever solo concert in his know, one concert...totally about's 1st time in his life and I am actually part of it. =p kinda nice when you think about it again. As for the concert, it was nice, still got some pitchy here and there...but overall it was fine for a first timer. He looked good in suit...hahaha. Tomorrow is the last Anuar Zain's concert. I hope it will be better than today. And there was En.Muriz's solo performance on alto saxophone...damn, he was so good! He is probably as good as Kenny G...I'm not kidding, he was very good. I salute him coz it's hard to find a very good saxophonist in Malaysia. So, that's it for now. I will go to sleep now. Goodnight~~

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