Thursday, July 02, 2009

35th Day of Practical

Just now had a meeting with En.Nas, he wanted us to organize a farewell party since tomorrow will be our last day. huhu....moving on, Hafidz broke his bow!! Not really his bow, but Mr.Phooi Wooi let him borrow. He didn't really do anything, he was putting on rosin when suddenly the wood at the tip broke. Huhuhu...poor Hafidz, he was in shock. Anyway, tonight is the 2nd and final night of Anuar Zain's concert. Haa~~finally it's over. But now I cannot look at Anuar Zain anymore la~ hahaha...I admit, he doesn't sing in the correct pitch all the time, but he is my opinion...among the best looking male-Malaysian celebrities. lolx. And there's something about him, that make him look as if he is a very caring and loving person, which I hope he is. Not to forget he has a very sweet smile, hahahaha....even though he's 39 years old already. And I like the fact that he respects musicians by greeting us before we started rehearse, thanked and say goodbye to us when practice is over...never forget to smile at us. And he is also punctual...more punctual than the back-up singers...which is a very good quality. It's just that he's not used to perform lots of songs in one night, and he doesn't have the stamina to sing all 21 songs. Coz of that, he's voice can be a bit unstable from time to time. I believe it will get better when he has more experience doing this kind of concert. But I do enjoy the tone of his voice...very nice. =)

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