Monday, July 27, 2009


sorry for the late update
I got fever...quite bad
the headache was like.... *aaarrghhhh!!!* I ate 6 pills of panadol yesterday and none of them took away the pain!! STUPID!! I guess my headache is immune to panadol...lolx
I still have headache now...and added with cough
yesterday my body temperature was 38.8 degree Celsius as the highest
and my body was very sensitive...if it's cold then my skin will be painful...and when I took shower, it's painful when the water is on my skin...huhuhu, it was a torture!!
today it went down to 36.1 degree Celsius...which is a good thing
well...I better go now...still got headache...
don't worry, it's not H1N1...that fever is when your temperature is 40 and above
well, be healthy everybody!!

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Raveneye said...

Ha? Wani pun demam?