Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help Protect the Environment? Bullshit!!

I know, this is like a total random post. But it crossed my mind and I thought I want to share it here. I went to 7-E here in Shah Alam a few weeks ago, and there were notes said that they will not provide plastic bag unless the customer requested one in order to help protect the environment. That was very noble of them, I bought a chocolate and a candy without asking for a plastic bag. Then when I wanted to open those junk food...I realized something...what's the wrapper made of? PLASTIC...the cover for the candies are fact if you look around...most things are basically wrapped or made out of plastic. If you went to the book store, you can't open the book because....? the book is wrapped....with what?? PLASTIC! All the vegetables and fruits in market stores are wrapped in....? PLASTIC. This is total can't expect to tell people to protect the enviroment by reducing the usage of plastic when the only thing those companies are doing is "help" to destroy the earth by increasing the usage of plastic. I mean, it's not like you can't wrapped your precious chocolate or candy with paper...I mean, Toblerone done it...some Cadbury's chocolate bars are wrapped with paper...and it tastes wonderful. We humans are supposed to protect the environment with actions not words. Words will give no affect if you take no action. So think about it....

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