Friday, July 10, 2009


Hi. I just finished downloaded the late Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour Live in Bucharest. And I just finished it's crazy I tell you...not just him, but the audience as well, they were crazy! There were lots of people passed out even before late Michael finished his opening song! Some passed out even BEFORE he started to sing the opening song! I mean...yeah, he's best among the best...but, passed out during the opening song? Don't waste your money to buy the ticket if you're going to pass out even before the show started. lolx. But it was awesome. Especially for Black or was the best performance throughout the whole show. I never saw anything better than his performance for Black or White. He is indeed one of a kind, I can't think of a singer that can match his skills as a performer and as a singer. He performed for two hours with all that dancing...and he didn't even show any sign of tiredness in his face. I mean yeah, there are parts where he's like gasping for air coz of all those amazing dance moves...but you can't see it in his face. It's amazing.


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