Sunday, July 05, 2009

Out of Boredom...

Hello people! I'm back from Mohrib
had a family day there from Friday to Sunday
my body is aching all over
It's the Sirat's generation gathering
you grandma and her siblings are the 2nd generation
my dad and his siblings and cousins are the 3rd
me, my siblings and cousins are the 4th
my nieces, cousin's daughters and sons are the 5th
and this gathering happen in Mohrib where the 2nd generation...
until the 5th...gather!
Pretty cool huh?
I have lots of pictures of the activities, but I am not in the mood of uploading them
my body is aching...
I can barely move around
it's because of all those sports activities
played netball, running...
some water activities
all of us were divided into 4 groups
just like in schools...there's
red house, blue house, yellow house and green house
I was in red house
and the red house won!! hahaha
but we lost the netball match though...huhuhu


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