Tuesday, July 07, 2009


today...is the 2nd day of a new semester. which is semester 5! surprisingly, every class in the schedule is actually on...during the 1st week...that rarely happen. hahahaha....and yet today, my sandals broke...huhu, i went to sacc with aiman..which is right now, went to vincci and bought a new one. for rm31.50...since there's 10% discount. so far, i've been through my gendang class and conducting class...which was briefing only...common for the first class of the semester. and today, there were forum also. got performances by ken iwasaki some other students. it was okay...and kinda bored too...ahaha, normal things. anyway, our head of diploma program, was and yes WAS en.adee...well, not yet really....at least for this month. coz starting from next month, our new head of diploma program will be cik rita. i think she is more strict than en.adee, but at the same time i hope she will make a better head of diploma. ;) well, that's it for now. thanks...bye~~

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