Saturday, July 11, 2009

wish list

1. wish I hv more practice time (for both violin n electone...especially electone)
2. wish I own a brand new Mini Cooper =p
3. wish for a new mobile phone
4. wish for a brand new PSP
5. wish for racism to stop...for good
6. wish for all the wars to stop
7. wish for animal cruelty to stop
8. wish people to take the word "respect" more seriously
9. wish that people in US stop delaying MJ's funeral, you're torturing his soul. If they're gonna buried him the Muslim way, then they should know that we Muslims don't buried the dead weeks after their death...coz it's torturing the soul. =(
10. wish that I am better in every good way


Raveneye said...

Well, I only have one : I wish to be a perfect person, perfect in every aspect, althogh I know it never will come true...

Wani said...

well if I have ONE wish...then I will wish for number 8...which is I wish people to take to the word "respect" more seriously"
I dunno, I don't think about myself when it comes to these kind of wishes...those first four wishes and number 10 is basically for fun, I can work for it to achieve it, but from number 5-9, it's pretty hard coz you can't work for it by yourself, you need everybody to do it too.