Friday, August 07, 2009

Artful Violins

I found a few pictures of some cool-looking violin. Some of them are pretty weird/scary though.
But before I start...I just want to share with you this cute little picture
*aww...* even a hamster can hold a violin. hihihihi

Anyway, these are basically the type of violin that is FOR DISPLAY ONLY can you play with this violin?
It's an art creation that is best to be observe
But it still kinda cute though...hihi

This is not really acoustic violin
it's electric
I'm not really a fan of electric violin
but I do hope I will get the chance to try it one day...especially those 5 strings electric violin!

While these's cute, beautiful and awesome!
and I hope it sounds better than it looks
coz if it will be super awesome to own a violin like this
and perform it for solo performances...

this one is pretty violin. X)

I don't think I want to own this scares me...
but at the same time...I feel it is very exotic...

This is a cool looking violin....don't you think?
very colourful!!

I don't really like this design...
it gave me a headache just by looking at it

This one is really cool
I really do hope it sounds better than it looks...

And here are a few designs of Japanese-design-looking violin
sweet, huh?

*I really like this one...*

This violin is just breathtaking!! It's's a work of art!!

I personally love this violin the most!!! I mean...
it's so beautiful...I wish I can own this violin...
but I bet it is very expensive...

Well, that's it so far....for now
There were a few other designs...but it's not good enough for me

Anyway, me and OSR will perform in Genting tomorrow
wish us luck!!



Raveneye said...

I guess the picture of a hamster that holding a violin is a modified one.

Hmm... You didn't add glass violin ...? I like glass violin. It seems 'class'y, hehehe... And it's beautiful too...

Wani said... violin is kinda common la nowadays. you can see it a lot. Venessa Mae pakai...Idris Sardi pown pakai. I was kinda looking for the special, rare looking violin. lolx