Friday, August 21, 2009

Events and more EVENTS!

Well, I've been busy these past few days. Next Wednesday is my mid-term exam for violin at UiTM. Anyway, let me just cut to the chase, events that had occur these past few days are;
August 12, 09 - Masterclass with Kenneth Thompson
August 15, 09 - OSR performance @ Genting
August 17, 09 - Launching of Heritage Park, Malacca
August 20, 09 - Guildhall School of Music & Drama Workshop

Masterclass with Kenneth Thompson
this one happened on August 12 @ UiTM. He came all the way from U.S for this. He gave a talk on how to apply your knowledge of history and theory onto your performance. I didn't watch from the beginning since I had class. I came in half-way of the talk. But it was fun and informative.
He also held 2 conducting masterclass, and Aliff was one of those two conductors and I lead the ensemble that he conducted.
And since I had a conducting subject for my 5th semester, it kinda helped me to understand the conducting stuff.
here are some pictures.

OSR performance @ Genting
the concert was on August 15, it went well.
playing the same songs as last week.
I didn't go to the theme park coz I need to go back early coz I had another rehearsal for different show.
Here are some of the pictures...

The Launching of Heritage Park, Malacca
and this the reason I didn't go to the theme park in Genting.
Played 3 interesting songs all by Sze Wan.
I was in Malacca for two days, it went well...accept for the heat and the rain
I don't have much pictures coz most of them are kinda blurry

that is Sze Wan who conducted the orchestra

that's me 2nd from the left

me & sze wan...blurry picture

Workshop with musicians of Guildhall School of Music & Drama
happened yesterday, August 20...this is like the coolest workshop I ever attended
I had so much fun
we learn to focus without worrying at all
There were Eiko Azuma (Japanese), Fernando (Brazil), Preetha Narayanan (U.S), Letty Stott (British), Jonathan Ang (Singapore) and Filipe Sousa (Portugal) and all of them are from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama
I wanted to take picture with all of them, but unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to take picture with Jonathan and Preetha coz my camera was out of battery...haihz~~
at least I manage to add all six of them in FaceBook. =p
but the workshop was so much fun, I really enjoy it.

the 6 Guildhall musicians are in here somewhere...hidden. LOLz

Well, that's all for now


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