Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm back from picking up my violin bow at Hartamas. I sent it for re-hair, thank God it's easier to play with it now. Though I admit...I beginning to feel like I need a new, better bow now. Huhu...but no money! ='( Anybody generous enough to buy me one? Weird enough, the only bow that can fit into my case is Brazilian wood violin bow, because my Bam case is kinda small and fit only for Brazilian wood because violin bow made of Brazilian wood is actually shorter. Well, China bows is actually always longer than Europe bows...ever since I bought a new case, I began comparing one bow to another bow...and, and, and...fibre bow is way longer!!! It's like, normal wood bow, including China bow usually a few centimetres longer than my Brazilian wood bow...but fibre bow approximately an inch longer than mine!! No wonder fibre bow users can hold their long notes longer!!

Anyway, back to the main story, I went to Hartamas to pick up my Plaza Damas there, then I went to the Hartamas shopping centre, the food there was SO SO SO tempting!!'s okay...fasting is all about patience. Imagine those peniless homeless people looking at other people eating, even if it's just a single plain bread...I think I can relate how I feel just now. I know, their condition is worse, but at least I got the idea of it. haha....then, after going through all those delicious food with amazingly wonderful smell...there's a book sale!! Ooooh...I LOVE BOOKS!! There were books 3 for rm10, 3 for rm20 and some 30% discount for best-seller. But I went for 3 for rm20! I mean...each of those books cost over rm20 at normal bookstore like MPH, Popular or Kinokuniya...but here...I got 3 for rm20! HEAVEN ON EARTH for me!! I chose 3 books...of course, even though I just spent rm400+ for my bow and new set of strings (actually I spent rm350, my mom contribute another rm100)...but I cannot let this oppurtunity slip away from me...I just got to have some books. lolx. The 3 books are Hearing Birds Fly by Louisa Waugh, Twelve Bar Blues by Patrick Neate and Turn Again Home by Carol Birch. I read roughly about those 3 stories at the back of each novel, and it kinda interesting. Here are the covers of each book and that is all from me for now. Toodles~~


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