Saturday, August 08, 2009

OSR in Genting

The show in Genting was fine
the first round was kinda bad...with all the messed up bowings
but the 2nd half was better =)

The time in the theme park was not long
very little time was given to us
I manage to ride Cyclone...a swing ride which I forgot the name...
Flying Coaster and Flying Dragon
Cyclone was really does make me scream...
the swing ride gave me a headache...haha
Flying Coaster was real fun. Well, if you ride it with your eyes close...
then it will be boring
You need to scream with your eyes open for Flying Coaster
that's what I did and it was kinda fun....coz you're kinda lying on that thing...
instead of sitting like normal roller coaster.
And when that thing spin...damn my body hurts when it hit the iron on top of me
lolx...but it was still fun
I screamed the loudest at Flying Dragon
it wasn't that scary at all
but since it was the last ride for the day
me and the rest decided to scream all we can

anyway, here are some of the pictures

me and hunny inside the bus

While eating lunch...

After the performance...

Inside the theme park!!

that's all folks!!
bye for now~~

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