Friday, August 14, 2009


Tomorrow will be going to Genting
I was really looking forward for Corkscrew and Solero rides...
but unfortunately...I need to go back early tomorrow
so...I can't go to the theme park at all
on a contrary...I will have a show on Monday
and tomorrow is the rehearsal
tomorrow @ KL while Sunday and Monday @ Malacca
Jae-Sern was the one who called me
he will be the concert master
And this is the first time I'm joining this kind of show...
as clue who's the other orchestra member, totally by myself
I'm not even sure I'm playing for what event...
how am I suppose to take care of myself in Malacca...
this is really a whole new experience
but it's cool, the payment is fine
so...I think I should take this kind of opportunity...
because deep down...
I know I will be going to Genting again eventually


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