Friday, August 07, 2009

.silly thoughts.

Have you ever wish that you can fly? Is there a moment in your life, where you feel so caught up that you wish that you could just break free and fly away to Neverland? Did you sometimes feel that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have you ever feel extremely sad or angry that you thought you might explode, but instead, you keep it inside so no one will know? Have you ever sit in your room alone, and when you started to think of the past, you cried? Have you ever felt that you are the worse person that ever walked on the face of the earth? Have you ever feel so hopeless? Have you ever feel anything that you wish you will never feel? I know I have. I know, you probably hard can my life be, right? I never lose a family, I never lose a close friend, but sometimes, you just have to stop comparing one's life to another. I believe that it is inappropriate. Sure, some of us live a harder lives than others. But all of us had our own difficulties in life that we feel like we can't handle. Just because you can handle a failure, it doesn't mean others can. Just because you can handle harsh criticism, does not mean others can. And just because you can respect, it does not mean others can. That's why I believe that it is inappropriate to compare one's life to another...but it is important for you to try to understand and respect each other. But like I said, just because you can respect...does not mean others can.

I know, life is unfair...and difficult. But we still need to be part of it somehow, right? You cannot expect for your life to be a trip to Neverland every single day. Reality is harsh...and you need to deal with it somehow. There will be time where you will need to grow up and take care of life the right way. But I'm not saying you should act adult all the time, there are time when we can just loosen up, relax and be a kid again...but there are also time when we need to do what is right...even if it seems wrong at the time. It will be nice if we can be free all the time, right? No worries, no rules...but can you imagine if every single person on this dying earth is given a freedom to do whatever he or she wants, what will happen to the world? Because some people look at the word "freedom" in a way that we might not agree. And from there, many terrible things might occur. Am I right? So, you see...all those rules that seems so troublesome kinda keep us together in a good way. And sometimes we need to be worried...because it shows that we care, it shows that we can love. Of course, sometimes it is good not to worry too much coz sometimes you just need to learn to trust.

I have no idea what I am babbling about...but it's kinda popped up in my thoughts.
And I was kinda hoping to share it with ya.

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