Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday practice was somewhere in Jalan Permai, Taman the area of Robson Height....I got lost finding the way for almost an hour!! Even though I printed the map from Google but I still got lost! Anyway, the practice was fine, we play only 3 songs...3 interesting songs I must say. =p I sat beside.....*i dunno how to spell his name la....i always have proble spelling chinese name...huhuhuhu ='(* And Yap Yen was there also...and several other musicians, like wooi...another cellist that i dunno how to spell his name...and I think Jonathan is playing too...but he was not around yesterday. Sze Wan was the one responsible for those interesting songs.
This show is on Monday...and I was WORRIED about me missing my Gendang class...I even got En.Ramli's phone number from Fifi so I can call him later...but guess what? I saw him during practice yesterday...he will play for the concert as well...he is of course, with Mohram. So, class this Monday is officially cancel. And I was worried about attendance? hah...silly me. Call me nerd or whatever, but I hate missing class without letter...since attendance is part of your grade at the end of the semester...There's no way for me skipping class without a reason. lolx

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