Sunday, September 06, 2009


today is quite a "full" day. lolx
I started my conducting practice, for the first time. felt so awkward to conduct an ensemble.
I'm not suitable to be a conductor! I'm a very shy person. huhuhuhu...
I know it's bad, but it's hard to overcome that weakness.
but it went well though...line up for my conducting ensemble;
1st violin; Munir (CM) and Kak Sarah
2nd violin; Mae (principal) and Ken
3rd violin (I don't use viola coz lack of good players, and the only good ones will be busy helping other ensembles); Azam (principal) and Atul
Cello; Thairy
1st flute; Teddy
2nd flute; Zul
I'm thankful coz all of them are very cooperative and willing to sacrifice their Sundays for me
I really appreciate it...don't worry, I will give all 9 musicians a gift as a token of appreciation on my exam which will be on October 30, 2009 (Friday) at 8pm.
And they played quite well too...considering it's their sight-reading...
even though I gave the scores early of last month...haha
but it's okay...they're good at sight-reading
I chose my musicians carefully. =D


Just now...broke fast at Pizza Hut
I ate a slice of stuff crust regular Super Supreme
1.5 of large Hawaiian pizza (I share another half with Jannah)
and those pizza were fully covered with CHEESE!!! yummy!!
we almost finish the cheese...poor pizza hut...lolx
I ate a cup of mushroom soup with two bread sticks (I put lots of cheese on the bread also)
a plate of regular hut's platter
and 2.75 glasses of pepsi (since I can't finish another quarter of the glass)
and now I'm very full!!


dear god...please...don't let it be sold out...
I'm begging you...i've been waiting this for two years...
don't let it slipped from my hand..
it will truly...deeply...break my heart...



Raveneye said...

what sold out???

Wani said...

don't worry, I will put up a post about it pretty soon...after today.