Wednesday, October 07, 2009

and that's how it is...

so my ma asked me to ask her to sleep over at my sis's house
coz she don't want me sleepin all alone at nite
and when i said i was not around to ask her
my ma asked her for me
well...she came to see me alright...
not looking so hot either
i knew she ain't feelin so good
sometimes that girl ain't givin her body sometimes to catch a breath
well...that's not the point of this post
she asked
"ain't you have no one else to ask to sleep over"
well, i looked at her alright, look straight to her face
and I asked one simple question
wanna know why?
coz i got no other than that...

you don't get it?
well that's alright
not planning to make y'all understand either... life ain't that pretty or lucky like others
i ain't pretty, i ain't smart, i ain't funny, i ain't friendly and i am most certainly ain't rich either...
but I'm cool with that...coz if people can't accept me for who I am
then there's nothing more that i can give to them

and dun got me wrong
i ain't mad at anyone
juz been thinking bout this the whole day
so i thought i get it off my chest
so i can sleep well tonight...
well, that's all from me y'all



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