Wednesday, October 14, 2009

p/s from previous post...

i was tired yesterday, so i only said it halfway...just to add so there will be no misunderstanding...i don't talk straight to people all the time. because i know not everybody can stand it. besides, i hate making people feel bad all the time. so, i learn to control it. and that is when my patience comes in. i don't how i did it, but my patience level is very high. i can stand some annoyance attitude for many years...and still i never fire my painful-honest words. haha...i manage to develop that patience skill. so...nowadays...i only fire my really10x painful-honest words when my patience bottle, i don't really get rid of my bad attitudes...which is "talking without insurance", but i manage to control it a little...and turn myself to be more patience...well, patience is virtue right? hahaha....but still...i hate people that love to make such a HUGE fuss over something that shouldn't even leave a scar in the first's just....really gets on my nerves...i mean...come on, people make mistakes all the time, nobody is perfect. stop making a big deal out of it...and the worse thing is...when someone make a huge fuss over something small that they did...they will get all upset and angry and go like; "it's just a small thing, grow up..."'s like, if they make a huge fuss over something that we's okay...but if we make a huge fuss over something that they did...? it's a crime. doesn't it just...get on your nerves or something? i can't stand those kind of people...can you? if you can...then you have my do. =p

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