Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so it's settled?

i guess so
at least the stupid small misunderstanding is finally over
actually i wasn't quite satisfied with it coz i had like a few questions popped in my head when a few statements were made by Z
but since it's between H and Z...and H doesn't seem to mind...or notice? so, I don't ask coz not supposed to be asked by me, coz I just want things to get better
and besides, i was thinking about my practice with ms. sook man later

well whatever...
i hope it will never happen to me OR any of my friends in the future
coz it's too effing ridiculous to occur to anyone at all...

well...what matters now is...
tomorrow i have TWO exams and I AM SO SO SO GONNA SCREW 'EM BOTH!!
I'm so toasted until I burnt tomorrow...

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