Friday, October 16, 2009

A Whole New Experience

two incidents occur...that gave a whole new experience to me. why? because i never seen people with such reaction before. first incident...i dunno that V wanted to follow and Z forgot that V wanted to follow...and from my past experience...people don't usually get very upset because the place we were going were very near...and i experienced it as well...even worse actually...but i still can find a way to laugh about it...but this...whoa...first time i saw such reaction. i got pissed off about it because it's a very...extremely small thing for me...even Z thought so too...but V took so seriously as if we went to Ipoh or something. so, my "honest-painful-words" came out...after a very long time. and i don't even feel sorry. kinda funny...because 100% of my heart believe that i did the right thing because i told the truth...but either the truth to be accepted or's not for me to decide. it's up to one's maturity. second incident...which has nothing to do with me, but the result is really bothering me. because it's a very small misunderstanding...even smaller than the previous incident...because, it was not done on purpose, H has no choice, the lecturer was pushing H to present it because the lecturer has class to teach. so, H presented the project. but the lecturer said that the lecturer still wanted to hear Z's presentation. but i guess Z doesn't really understand the situation because Z got very very very upset. and there were more misunderstanding which leads to even greater if there's been a murder or something. since i was not there, i tried to position myself in both H and Z's position. if i was in H's place...of course i will present it. i have to respect a lecturer's order. i mean...the lecturer is the one giving the marks. besides...the lecturer already told the time of the presentation to be presented by, i don't think it will be a big deal. and if Z can't find away to understand that...i'm sure i will get sad and upset at the same time. while if i'm in Z's position...the project is my hard work, but i had class and it was presented before me. sure i will feel bad because i'm not the one to present it...but then again, H didn't present it without me on purpose. the lecturer was pushing him to present without it's not really his fault...besides, i still get to present later, so, no need to get upset...everybody still win. okay, that's how i will feel if i'm in one of those shoes. but the reaction in reality, is all upside down. Z is still blaming H for presenting even after H explained clearly that the lecturer insisted on the presentation to be done without Z. even when Z still got to present later...Z still thought that it's all H's fault and H took advantage on what Z did and it is all unfair...eventhough the lecturer still interested to listen to the presentation later...OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A VERY SMALL THING!! I FEEL LIKE LAUGHING AND SLAPPING SOMEONE'S FACE AND CRYING ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! I NEVER EVER EVER EVER SAW SUCH REACTION FROM A UNIVERSITY STUDENT BEFORE!!! OH WHY? OH WHY OH WHY? WHY ARE PEOPLE HAVING A VERY BIG FIGHT OVER SOMETHING THAT SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE??? WHY?????? WHY????? AM I WRONG?? IS THIS A NORMAL REACTION THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD RESPOND TOO??? AM I THE ONE WHO IS WRONG????? I DON'T WANT THIS ANYMORE...I WANT THIS TO STOP. I WANT THIS MISUNDERSTANDING TO END!!! I CAN'T STAND WATCHING MY FRIENDS GETTING HURT OVER SOMETHING THAT THEY SHOULDN'T GET HURT IN THE FIRST PLACE....AAARRGHH!!! THIS IS SO SO SO EFFING RIDICULOUS.

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