Thursday, October 29, 2009

yesterday is history

well...from my previous post i said that i can't play for wan-botak conducting right?
but in the end...i played...coz he looked so sad...that it's making me feel guilty
i don't know...i just can't do it
i never reject anything at the very last minute
so, i helped him that night
my plan was...the exam starts @ 8pm
wan will be the first one to go
then i will immediately make my way to ASWARA later
but...the 2nd examiner was "EXTREMELY PUNCTUAL" by showing up at 9PM!!
a "VERY GOOD" example to the students indeed
however, i still tried to get to ASWARA a.s.a.p
but...the soon as i parked my car @ ASWARA...
the practice ended
( -_-")
well...what to do...
at least i don't feel guilty to wan
but do feel kinda sorry to mae since she agreed to replace me
sorry... =S
and i also didn't get the chance to watch teddy conduct his ensemble...i always wanted to watch it coz i wanna hear the song...huhuhuhuhuhuhu
besides, there were some pretty interesting songs that night hafidz...he conducted a brass ensemble and he chose a Hogwarts song...from Harry Potter as his conducting piece...

on another topic...
yesterday i passed up my final arranging project
it was officially the last time ever Dato' Jo will step his foot in the music faculty of UiTM as a lecturer...
i bought him a gift..."an-already-wrapped-belgian-chocolate" lolx
it cost me 40 bucks
and i bought a "good-bye" card and in there
i asked all of my batch to sign
but of course...i didn't get everyone to sign it
i mean...i didn't see everyone, and even with the one that i can get...there's barely enough space for another signature...
the card is not big enough =(
anyway, to those who signed...thank you!!
Dato' Jo was touched when he opened the card
i love it when that happen
i love it when someone is touched by something and you are part of it
it felt so good...don't you think so?

well...that's all from me
tonight is orchestra exam
better run

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