Tuesday, October 20, 2009


0840 : reached UiTM...got into bus and waited
0930 : the bus finally moved and headed to Sheraton Subang

when we reached there, breakfast was provided
then hang around
talked about something to wiwi...kinda cried my heart out
then soundcheck
many other things
too lazy to get into detail
at night...the performance
i played for two performances
the chamber music (we played some new composition pieces)
the performance was great, i was satisfied with it
and also the orchestra
at the start of the orchestra performance
after playing the first few bars...my E string broke!!!
I was playing Sul A most of the times
but when the first piece ended,
I exchanged my violin with Emma
pity her...but what to do...
I'm the outside player
then I got very tired,
I reached home and fell flat...dozed off
without waking up early in the morning until 7am
that's pretty much it


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