Monday, November 02, 2009

Doom or No Doom?

omg...tomorrow is my conducting exam
i hope it will be so much better than all the practices
atul won't play, so i hope opie can pull it off
i hope i won't freak out
for the gifts to those who helped me...including atul
i gave present
i already gave one to atul, since she went back to her hometown this afternoon
the gifts might look silly to them when they opened it
but it is not for means a lot to me actually
but i don't know...just because it means something to me,
doesn't mean it will to others
but i hope they will like it though
believe it or not...
the total of the gifts
all 10 gifts (including for atul and just added opie's gifts)
cost me approximately rm800!!
i won't tell you what it is
not yet at least
i don't want to tell now
i'll tell you when the exam is over

well...that's all from me

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