Friday, November 13, 2009

I finished it...and it was awesome!!

i just finished reading the 7th out of 8 books of the charlie bone series
it was great
it feels like watching a movie
coz i was picturing the scenes inside my head as i read
but there is however a moment of suspense when the author,
the marvelous jenny nimmo almost killed my favourite character named tancred
he's one of charlie bone's friends...but i think he is far more interesting and powerful than charlie
but the final page and the final sentence of the book
tancred showed up with a wide grin and waving his hand to charlie from his house
i was like...*aww...*
i can't wait to get my hand on that very last book
the conclusion to everything...
in charlie bone and the red knight
huhu...can't wait...
i've seen it in store while buying this 7th book
but not enough money to buy both, so i decided to go with this one first
i am elated!! why? because my favourite character, tancred made it!!
after such terrible attack by that horrible drowning-people-boy named dagbert coz dagbert felt threaten by him coz dagbert is so so so powerful and tancred is the only boy that can match his power...see...i told you tancred is way more interesting and powerful than charlie...lolx. no offence charlie bone...


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