Monday, November 02, 2009


thought i should update something
though i'm very lazy to do so
i'm back from JB...the show was okay, i guess
i mean, Black Dog Bone is a Singaporean group from the 50s? 60s?
i'm not even sure myself
so, i hardly know their songs
so, maybe it's not a big thing for me, but it maybe for others
but the trip was a big deal for me...
coz that trip is officially, literally my first trip EVER to Johor
lolx...yeah, kinda lame right? but it's true, i've never been to Johor
until last Friday. =D

* * *

Last Saturday, there was a "small" photo session
just for fun though...but too bad, i wasn't around
it's for lu ee...coz she will face the journey of SPM pretty soon. lolx
good luck!!
so, kinda sad that i wasn't around
coz...we practically grew up together in YSO
we were in YSO even before UPSR
I remember, YSO used to started out with only strings ensemble
with Wei Chuan, Duncan, Lu Ee, Chai Sia, Chow Yarn was playing the violin at the time, Geraldine...(I forgot how to spell her name la...), Maryam, myself, Daniel, ooh...and Douglas as well
and soon...more people starting to come in
Toshi and Masayuki, Sheryl, sister...there were lots of flutists at the time, but I forgot their names.
Jia Weii, Dania, Dahlia, the twins...forgot their names as well.
Fareed, the trumpeter...Jia Rong...Kumu...and so much more time goes by, people starting to leave
Sheryl went back to Taiwan, Toshi and Masayuki also left...
Jia Weii, Jia Rong, Duncan went to study abroad
Fareed left, my sister left, Wei Chuan, Chai Sia and Chow Yarn also history
and Maryam too...even the twins and Douglas...
so sad...I think the longest lasting members of YSO is me, Lu Ee and Daniel...

* * *

On the other side
Opie came in at the very last minute to play for my conducting exam
Atul can't play at the very last minute coz she needs to go back to her hometown
her father had a heart attack and now he's in hospital
I understand her situation, I don't want her to be sad too
it's best for her to went back to her family at this time
well...I hope Opie can do it well coz my exam is tomorrow.
good luck to me...

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