Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I know who gets which movie from the gifts I gave
but not all...still another two person, Kak Sarah and Atul
I don't which movie they get

and gosh...I didn't know people will be touched by it
I mean...I didn't do it to make me look like a generous person or anything
I mean...honest! That's not my intention at all
it just that I really want to give something very special
and meaningful...
to show to my friends that I really do appreciate all their help
especially on their willingness to come for practices on Sunday
oh my god...I'm touched that they're touched with what I've done

HOWEVER....on the contrary...
now people like wanting me to ask them to help with something such as this conducting exam
so they can have something like that
I mean...I know how it feels help someone
drove from Serendah to faculty for EVERY SINGLE practices
WITHOUT being paid for the petrol belanja treats....and best of all...NOT EVEN A THANKS...
trust me, I do know how it feels like NOT to be appreciated...
which is why....I know how to appreciate and respect those who helped me with the best effort that they can give. doesn't mean all other people can just wait for me to ask them to help with something to earn a gift like that....
I'm not that generous...
but when I know I need to...I will be...


* * *

I already have my conducting video
the dynamics doesn't sound obvious in recording...
and I look horrible!! Oily face!! Aiyo~~ very ugly...
and my conducting looked very awkward also
well...what can you was my first conducting experience
I might upload the video...but it is not now


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