Tuesday, November 03, 2009

yes...it's over

my conducting exam is over
I won't say it's 100% perfect
but it was much better than any rehearsals we've been through
and that's quite a relief to me
now I know that I don't waste money spending that much for their gifts
what I gave?
hmm...there's a card, and inside there a few notes of appreciation
and thanks...
there were also rm50 as a token of appreciation for coming to practice...on Sunday too...
and there was a box of chocolate for each player...nicely wrapped by the shop
and another one...is a CD...Disney Classic movie
I wanted to give to all nine...well 10 actually considering Atul left...the same movie
which is Alice in Wonderland, since we were playing a song from that movie...but there was only one and I tried to order but they said they don't distribute this movie any more.
so, instead, to make it still related...
I bought nine...no, 10 Disney classic movies

Snow White
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
The Jungle Book
The Little Mermaid

I don't know which player get which movie
except for Opie coz I bought his gift at the very last minute
so, I know he got himself the Aladdin movie...I hope he likes it though
Well...I'll find it out pretty soon anyway...

I have the video of my exam
but I don't have it now...it's with Zira
I'll upload it up once I have it

Thank You to Those Who Helped Me!!!

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