Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 is just around the corner...

time flies quicker than I thought. Today is the last day of 2009. Many things happened this year. I have had lots of ups and downs in 2009. All the controversial, the arguing, the chaos, the frustration and all. and also the death of celebrities such as Micheal Jackson and Brittany Murphy. Had a SMS-fight with certain recording artist. Those are some of thousands of down moments. Some good moments are practical experience, with Bijan, Hafidz, Ayit, Faz, Thairy, Azizi, Paley, Faizal, Achik, Wan Azlan, Kong Jiann Huann (I'm sure I spell that incorrectly, lol), Erin, Sabri, Nuar and Wan. Watched Knowing for my 20th birthday, watched Ice Age 3 for Teddy's birthday. Watched Night at the Museum 2 with practical buddies at pavillion. Watched lots of other movies as well. Earned my dipABRSM for violin. OSR tour, some lovely memories. Watched Igudesman & Joo performed at DFP, met and worked with Francis Yip. International singer from Hong Kong. And many more...

new year resolution?
no idea, haven't think of one yet
my aim is to give a great showcase performance
to improve myself to be a better musician, person, friend, daughter and girlfriend
and try to get of the biggest aims of 2010

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