Saturday, December 26, 2009

5 Days in Genting

I was in Genting from 22-26 of December. I went home on 26, morning. It was quite fun because it's sort of like a holiday considering we had little practice in one day. haha, I watched Avatar, shopping all over Genting. I bought lots of hair clips...Soda jacket, hoodie sweater. And on the 26th, there was a stock clearence sale. So, me and my parents went there, I bought a pair of shoes, a hoodie jacket and a bag. hihi, sorry, no pictures of the items. And I also bought another key-chain for my violin case. I know, it probably looks a bit messy. But it's cute. for the concert, we (as in the orchestra) were playing for Francis Yip's 40th anniversary concert. She is such an amazing singer!! It was a great and unforgettable and memorable experience to actually be part of her concert. I may not know all her songs but at least I know the Shanghai Beach tune. hahaha...I used to memorize that song, not sure if I pronouced it right, but it was pretty close I think. But I don't remember the words anymore, only the intro. lolz. Anyway, she also sang some english songs and two malay songs. Yup, two UNtranslated malay songs. Which was Widuri and Oh-Dimana. But I didn't get the chance to take picture with her ='( not my luck I guess...

the key-chain on my case

I looked unnaturally white with make-up. :S

I like this pic coz it's absolute candid. Even though I was the one who took the picture, but I laughed right before I took it which kinda make it candid. hihihi


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