Saturday, December 19, 2009

hanging ending...

okay, before i make my statement, i must let you know that these are only words of my own opinion. which is...something that you can decide either to take it, or leave it. i have to say this first because unfortunately, people these days tend to take everything seriously and personally, so, i believe it is best to remind everyone before i go into details. if you disagree, it's okay, just put out a statement and i will be professional enough to listen/read your point of view. you don't need to give a professional opinion, just...anything that you disagree with and you have your own reason. no matter how silly it sounds, it still an opinion and i believe in respecting other people's opinion...which basically people rarely do these days too.

* * *

Just now I went to watch Storm Warrior. I admit, it is way too far from being as good as Storm Rider. Why? Because there were basically no storyline. Purely Kung Fu. I'm not going to spill any spoilers. It was frustrating that Storm Warrior does not has any relation with Storm Rider except for Cloud and Wind, of course. And it is also frustrating that Cloud's hair is brown instead of blue. But basically the story was not all that good...there's barely a story actually. It's like they come up with an excuse to start fighting and that's how it starts and ends. Not to forget the ending was hanging...which I hate, considering the story was not that thrilling. And the effect, I'm sorry to say but the effect of Storm Rider (which was 11 years ago) is actually better than Storm Warrior. Why? Because of the slow motion act during the fighting scenes are extremely annoying, I don't mind if it happens once in awhile...but in every fighting scenes?? That's too annoying. Not to forget it's made more like a moving comic rather than an epic movie, like Storm Rider. This movie could've been so so so so so so so much better. It's actually a huge dissapointment to have a failure sequel....with a hanging ending too!! Not to forget some of the characters that are ally to Cloud and Wind are never explained how they met or what they do. This movie is like a beauty shot of Aaron Kwok and E-Kin Cheng. Not saying that I'm not enjoying watching them, but I was hoping a story from the movie, mix with lots of fighting and effects...not purely fighting with terrible effect and no story. If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give this movie a for Cloud and Wind, one for the kung fu fight and one for the fact that it's a sequel from Storm Rider. But unfortunately, Storm Rider is definitely much much better than the sequel.


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