Sunday, December 13, 2009

Irama Warisan Kita

today, i went to DFP to watch Irama Warisan Kita conducted by my own lecturer, Dato' Johari Salleh. this performance combined MPO and MPYO on the same stage. it was interesting to hear some arrangements of some of Malaysian's classic top songs. i have to admit, i didn't enjoy all the arrangement. don't get me wrong, it was good but i was truly truly impressed with a few arrangements. the performance opened with Sabah Overture, composed and arranged by Dato' Johari Salleh himself. this is one interesting piece, i definitely love the ending of this piece. perfect as an opening performance. then there was Seri Mersing, arranged for the orchestra by one of the part-time lecturer from UiTM, Mr. Muriz. nothing special though, quite a common arrangement. nice, but common. then, followed by one of the most famous traditional malay song, Cindai...arranged for the orchestra by Vivian Chua. i didn't really enjoy it that's a bit too complicated for this song. i was hoping it would be more light, bouncy and happy. next, Tunggu Sekejap, arranged by Ramlan Imam. I LOVE THIS ARRANGEMENT!! this one is very very good. throughout the whole concert, Tunggu Sekejap is the best song of all. i really, truly enjoyed it. next was Bahtera Merdeka, arranged by Vivian Chua and sang by Aishah. nothing special...nice but common. then, Joget Kenangan Manis arranged by Mr. Muriz. the arrangement was actually very nice, truly symphonic, but it lost the "joget" rhythm in the middle of the song. and it sounds weird because Aishah sang it in joget style but the orchestra accompanied in symphonic kind of way. but the orchestration for this song was nice. after that was the 20 minutes interval. went out, met Paan, Sabri, Bijan...Rizal. then the next section began with Pahlawanku...arranged by Mr. Muriz...nice but common. Tudung Periuk came in next, arranged by Vivian Chua...and I LOVE THIS ARRANGEMENT ALSO. hahaha, truly amazing. not as good as Tunggu Sekejap, but still, very good indeed. then, Hijau, arranged by Mr. Muriz, sang by Lah Ahmad. this is WAY TOO different from the original song by Zainal Abidin. and it's amazing that Lah Ahmad manage to pull it off. and in my opinion, i think this version is better than the original ones...lolx. after that is another song sang by Lah Ahmad, which was Warisan...arranged by Vivian Chua. nice but common, nothing special. Then another arrangement by Vivian Chua, Getaran Jiwa...again, nice but way too common. the closing repertoire was arranged by Dato' Jo himself...a medley of Mega Mendung, Pandang-Pandang Jeling-Jeling and Joget Hitam Manis. and the whole thing is called Gema Nadi Budaya. this is very very very nice. i love it, a grand and great number for a closing performance. overall, this is actually a good show. =) then, the hosts announced that Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad was present for the concert. cool. after the concert ended, i went out, met Wan-Oboe, Thairy and few other juniors from UiTM, then i went to eat with teddy and then go home. ;)

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