Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Definitely Worth Your Time/Money

okay, before i make my statement, i must let you know that these are only words of my own opinion. which is...something that you can decide either to take it, or leave it. i have to say this first because unfortunately, people these days tend to take everything seriously and personally, so, i believe it is best to remind everyone before i go into details. if you disagree, it's okay, just put out a statement and i will be professional enough to listen/read your point of view. you don't need to give a professional opinion, just...anything that you disagree with and you have your own reason. no matter how silly it sounds, it still an opinion and i believe in respecting other people's opinion...which basically people rarely do these days too.

* * *

I finally managed to find a movie that really went beyond my expectation in 2009. I thought I never going to find one. I watched this movie @ Genting with Kak Zam and Kak Bulat. It was amazing. The movie was almost 3 hours, but it was worth your time because the story line IS for 3 bloody hours. Unlike some other movie such as New Moon where the movie could end in an hour but they make it longer until 2 hours instead which altogether make it such a slow movie. But in Avatar, 3 hours of great story. The effect was amazing, the picture of the scenery was brilliant, the creatures created and the trees are wonderful. And, the movie carries a simple message, which is the greed of human being towards money making them destroying the nature, making them blind towards the beauty of the nature around them. They will destroy anything or anyone that gets in their way. So, it carries a pretty good message. And it also represent the hardship for success where the hero is not the one who's doing all the work. The hero is hopeless without the people and it's hard to get rid of those greedy human when they have more power. So, it's a fantasy movie but it stays in reality. And I like it. If I am to rate this movie from the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. This movie deserves a 9.



Raveneye said...

Hohoho... It better be. Heard that the budget costs more than 2 billion...

Wani said...

mmg best giler kowt cerita nie. I salute James Cameron. die mmg among the best directors in history. haha