Monday, December 21, 2009

my pointless trip to Mid Valley

yesterday, there was rehearsal for a musical called Willow. the practice supposed to until night, but the night practice was canceled. so, i asked everybody with such enthusiasm to watch the movie Avatar considering the good feedback from lots of people. they all agree. so, me, azam, munir, thairy, jamie and awie went to Mid Valley to buy the ticket. we were aiming for the 8.30pm show considering my far far away home and the movie is like...3 hours. unfortunantely the 8.30pm show sold out, so does the 9.30pm show and the 11.30pm show...which left the 12am show. i was like...damn it. but i bought the ticket anyway. then i called my mom...and she was babbling and i'm not sure if i actually understand what she said coz it was very loud and fast. and my dad asked me to go home ='( so sad. so, azizi replaced me when thairy called him to come. so, i'm like escorting them to go watch movie then i go home. ='( but i'll be in Genting from 22-25 of December for a concert, performed by international Chinese star...i think. not sure Hong Kong or, i will try to watch Avatar before the next Willow practice because if not, they will make my life miserable. hahahaha.....anyway, before i end this post, here's a little memory of yesterday at Mid Valley. azam was the cameraman. from left; awie, thairy, me, munir and jamie. =D it's good to see the famous J'Lostein a.k.a my friend, Jamie again ;) even though i didn't get the chance to watch movie with her...huhuhu. maybe next time...


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