Saturday, December 12, 2009

Next Movies in Line to be Watched @ Cinema before 2010

this one is already out in theaters now...STORM WARRIORS!! it's the sequel of the truly and amazing my all-time favourite Chinese movie (besides Young & Dangerous 1-5)...Storm Rider!! Cheng E Kin and Aaron Kwok, it can't get any better than that. Storm Rider is adapted from comic, the movie was a very long time ago...I don't think VCD players existed at that time...lolx...i was very small when i watch Storm Rider...Cloud and Wind! I still remember their names until now...but I don't really remember Storm Rider very well...I remember a few parts...but it doesn't matter, I want to watch Storm Warriors!


I also want to watch Sherlock Holmes. will be out on Christmas day. This movie looks good...I hope it will be as good as I expected. I want to watch this before new semester starts...hihihihi


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