Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sherlock Holmes [no spoilers]

okay, before i make my statement, i must let you know that these are only words of my own opinion. which is...something that you can decide either to take it, or leave it. i have to say this first because unfortunately, people these days tend to take everything seriously and personally, so, i believe it is best to remind everyone before i go into details. if you disagree, it's okay, just put out a statement and i will be professional enough to listen/read your point of view. you don't need to give a professional opinion, just...anything that you disagree with and you have your own reason. no matter how silly it sounds, it still an opinion and i believe in respecting other people's opinion...which basically people rarely do these days too.

* * *

I watched this movie at 1u with Teddy just now. It was funny and smart. Those who loves detective movies might enjoy watching this. But for those who don't, you might as well enjoy the sense of humor in this movie. There's nothing out of the ordinary in terms of the scenery since it's not fantasy movie. And the music, when I first heard the music, I thought; "why, some of the tunes sound like music from POTC 2 & 3", and when the movie finished, and the credits come up, music by Hans Zimmer. No wonder!!! Hans Zimmer is the composer for music from POTC 2 & 3. I guess I can recognize his style now, haha. But the music is nice, I actually enjoyed it. There were some music of violin solo played in gypsy style...which is interesting. As for the story line, not that bad. Sherlock Holmes is a person with brilliant mind. The way he analyze something so quickly, made him such an interesting character. It was good, and very near to my expectation, but unfortunately, not really there. But it was very close. I was hoping for more twists in the story line...but there were only a few. And I think there migh be a'll know once you watch it. ;) so, if I am to rate this movie from the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. I give this movie 7.5. because I think it is too good to be 7 but not good enough to be, I give it 7.5. hihi


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