Monday, December 07, 2009

sick people

not sick in terms of health, but in term of psychological thinking
if you want to judge something subjective such as arts
you must know why it is called SUBJECTIVE
if people give an opinion, you can't say it's wrong
arts is not science or maths where every thing is precise
i know, the things that create arts such as arts of paintings, music, dancing, acting, comes from science...such as the chemical that creates the colours of paintings, the vibration that create the sound of music, and much more
but what makes it arts....has nothing to do with science...
it has something to with what you feel within.
yes, it is important to understand the basic science of HOW the arts is created
but if you put two person of the same level of ability to actually draw draw the same tree, using the same quality of materials...
the first person simply draw it because it is "just" a tree and the other draw it more than "just" a tree, there's life and movements within the will create two very different paintings.
a good arts is when you are able to bring it to life
BUT...even if you manage to do does not mean you will be able to please everyone,
for instance...Picasso's paintings
some people praise his paintings like it is the best kind of arts ever created
but others just don't understand the abstract paintings and think his paintings are absurd.
or...the Mona Lisa painting, some people love it...some people hate it...
same in music...if you put 20 people in the same room to listen to all Beethoven's symphony...every one will come up with different opinions about his music.
give 10 people to read Pride and Prejudice not all 10 people will truly enjoy it...
put 10 people to watch the same movie...let say, The Sound of Music...not everyone will have the same favourite song from the movie...
so you see...arts is a very subjective topic to discuss
it's interesting, because people can come up with many different thoughts...unlike science...oxygen is O2 and there's no arguing about it...or in math, where 2+2 is's a fact
but in arts...not everything is consists of facts...there are indeed some facts...such as...
that is a painting of a tree...that is Paganini's music...Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Caroll...those are the facts
but to determine if the arts is either Good or totally subjective
just because you think it's doesn't mean others will have the same opinion
so, when this's best to be professional and listen to their point of view
and if you disagree...tell them what you think
instead of causing an argument by saying that other people that don't share the same opinion with you are blind and know nothing of arts...that is the most absurd of all...
if you can't do that...if you can't learn to accept other people opinions...then you don't have the right to judge arts...

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