Thursday, December 17, 2009

tiny bits of updates

i think i am psychologically confused without me knowing the cause of it
not really confuse la...i just feel that way
that's all
no reason
probably because of my extremely weird dream last night
i barely remember it
but it involves a bunch of people that i swear i never even met
but it was super weird...
but i'm not sure if that is the reason of me feeling confused
because i am feeling a bit confused
but i don't know why...
why does my brain must work in the weirdest way ever?

1 comment:

FarleagueAurey said...

could u just tell me what happened...ape yg u confused kan nih...u tak bagitahu i pun.what is this weird thing yg u alami??like i said,please dun keeeepppp it.....tell me please