Friday, January 01, 2010

New Semester in 3 Days

I can predict that lots of things will happen
Aside from showcase...
the new Dean...
the soon-to-be-more-chaotic-controversial of blog...
there is also...
the return of the unwanted lecturer by lots of students
I don't really mind him returning
coz I didn't do anything wrong to him...nor did he to me, but he did messed up with some of my friends...
and a friend whom I decided not to mention the name...did mentioned that when he returns to the faculty
he will has his revenge on those who messed with him

early sign of chaos??
I am not interested to know what will happen...
coz I am sick of chaos. =.=
but it's like a tradition there in the faculty.


Raveneye said...

new dean? sapa?

Wani said...

Dr. Ghaziah Mohd. Ghazali

Academics Vice Dean
Prof. Madya Ramona bt. Mohd. Tahir

Students Affairs & Sources Vice Dean
Prof. Madya Khairil Johari Johar

Programme Head for Music Diploma (MU110)
Cik Rita Mardathillah Umar Rauf

Programme Head for Music Education Department (MU220)
Puan Nadia Widayati

Programme Head for Music Composition & Performance (MU221/MU222)
Puan Siti Hajar Seperah

Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

OMG.....hbs panda x de la erk? btw happy new year..hehehe see u next week...kalau aku muncul pg class utk next week la...hehehe......miss u...