Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show at KLPac - Mono

yesterday, me, dania, thairy and jig had a performance at KLPac
for an instrumental rock band, named Mono
they're from Japan
we were told that we are the first Malaysians to actually perform WITH them
wow...what an honour. lolz
the performance was nice.
here are some pics

here is our our pic with Mono
all those Japanese people are the band members except for that guy in white shirt. lolz
it was fun

the reason I put this pic is because I like it very much
haha, I dunno looks very cool

and here is a picture of us on stage
can't see me and dania...=(



Joey said...

wow you guys did a great job last night! i'm glad you guys played with Mono - makes their songs much more epic :)

Wani said...

really? thanks a lot. how u find this blog anyways?